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Just over a year ago, in partnership with the Parish Council, Luís Marques saw the completion of another project: the opening of the VIVCanelas Gymnasium.

Located next to the Canelas Football Club Stadium, the space – provided by the local authority – was built from scratch and had the support of Gaiafinicia, a “very important help for this project as VIVCanelas was considered a startup”, an obstacle to assistance from banking entities. The businessman recommends Gaiafinicia, “not only for the financial help, but because it also promotes employment”.

The value of the fund was used to purchase machines to equip the space, serving gym customers for individual and collective activities, such as bodybuilding, running, zumba, pilates, cycling or Krav Maga.

“We have the means for all needs, now our objective is growth”. Luís Marques dreams of yet another asset for VIVCanelas: the construction of an indoor swimming pool. This new structure that does not exist in the parish will serve to respond to the needs of the community, promoting the physical and mental well-being of Canelenses. “We are trying, again, with INOVAGAIA, to have support for the investment for the construction of this pool”, whose budget is around 150 to 200 thousand euros.

This gym is the second for the businessman who has a similar space in Carvalhos, parish of Pedroso.