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Reporting Channel

INOVAGAIA's reporting channel was established in accordance with Law No. 93/2021, of December 20, and is intended to facilitate the identification of infractions within the scope of professional and institutional relationships that have occurred or are considered to be at risk of occurring.

INOVAGAIA provides the reporting channel to whistleblowers, guaranteeing them conditions of security, secrecy, identity confidentiality or anonymity, and guaranteeing the confidentiality of the identity of third parties identified in the respective reports, always preventing access to any private information or arising from reports to unauthorized persons.

Complaints will be received by the competent area of INOVAGAIA which, after registration and classification, will continue the treatment process, including forwarding to the areas responsible for analyzing and monitoring the process.

The whistleblower has the right to knowledge of the conduct of the complaint, the sequence of which must be made known to the whistleblower, unless the complainant expressly requests otherwise or if this knowledge could compromise the protection of his or her identity. INOVAGAIA will monitor the reception, investigation and treatment of the complaint with responsibility, independence and integrity.

By filling out the complaint form, you declare that you are aware of the conditions under which your personal data will be processed, and to do so, consult INOVAGAIA's Privacy Policy.