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With business experience since 1986, while still a student, I started Pampilar in 1992.
Pampilar is a company 100% owned by Portuguese capital, and is dedicated to the production of single-use paper products, such as: napkins, handkerchiefs, kitchen rolls and toilet paper, for domestic consumption.
In addition to the Pampilar brand, it produces brands from major distributors such as: Continente, Lidl, Intermarché, Auchan.
Thanks to continuous development and innovation activity, Pampilar has experienced continuous growth, supported by up-to-date technology, in order to serve large distribution outlets with excellence, with current and innovative products, thus increasing its connotation as an Innovator and Service Provider. of excellence.
Excellence is our objective and, in this sense, we always want to be at the forefront, with production systems and machines to produce products of high qualitative value.
Therefore, we designed a new industrial development, taking into account industrial, logistical and energy efficiencies, which will be carried out in a space that allows us to centralize the various transformation units we have in Serzedo and enhance growth in this same area.
The attention we give to the National market is of the utmost importance, although we have had good experiences in terms of exports, with innovative products such as toilet paper and kitchen roll (Flashy) colors, being the second company to present this innovative concept.
The municipality of Gaia was the creator of major brands and companies in various sectors, having created a wealth of knowledge and relevant industrial experience in the areas of automobiles, ceramics, components, etc., with Pampilar intending, here too, to leave its mark in the area of paper.
This new investment cycle will be carried out in phases, but with a defined geographic base area. However, Vila Nova de Gaia has structures for this development, which pleases us due to the existing historical connection.
Having earned in 2012 – 10 million euros -, 2013 – 19.5 million euros -, the increase in technologically advanced production capacities, logistics-production synergies are imperative for continued growth and support for the development of large distribution, while National and independent suppliers.

Paulo Marques