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Maria Cristina

It may seem like there is no magic formula, but, in fact, when we talk about Broa de Avintes, we are talking about Maria Cristina. A reference for decades, not only in the parish, but also across borders, in France, in particular.

Sérgio Gomes is now the face of the company. Son of Maria Cristina, he took over the heritage and entire tradition of the most popular Broa in Avintes.

The smell of Broa fills the entire factory. Now heat the ovens, now turn on the giant mixing bowls so that nothing goes wrong in this preparation. They stop here and there because there is always a fellow countryman who knocks on their door to buy the famous thing.

They work with large commercial areas and have now started – albeit on a reduced scale – exporting to a small Portuguese community in France. In addition to serving many bakeries that do not do without this quality. There is something for all tastes. The traditional one, which is sold on a larger scale, and the one with chorizo, an innovation that is starting to have some fans.

Maria Cristina Fabricante de Broa, Lda. is another Gaiafinicia success story. He took advantage of financing to purchase equipment. Today, the expansion of the factory is already underway. In addition to space, Sérgio Gomes explains that it is difficult to load trucks on the street, so space is provided for them to park without blocking the street where they are located.

The secret remains in the family. Locked under lock and key. And, due to its growth, it is expected that Broas da Senhora Maria Cristina will continue to be popular for many years to come.

Sergio Gomes

Managing Partner