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35 years ago, encouraged by her father, Anabela Gomes entered the animal sales business and fell in love, especially with fish. To this day, this passion has grown. The business continues, albeit in another location, and, despite all the economic difficulties that are plaguing the country, the owner is satisfied with the company’s results.

Four years ago, in an internet search, Anabela Gomes found the Gaiafinicia Program. With it, he took advantage and made ‘O Canto das Aves’ grow. He left the old facilities, invested in a space, on Rua da Rasa, in Mafamude, and equipped the animals with decent equipment. Specializing mainly in birds and fish, it is on the latter that she spends the most attention… and funds! The businesswoman points out that, “if it weren’t for Gaiafinicia, I would never be able to reach the level that the store currently has”.

Dogs and cats are not part of this pet store. Why? Simple, “we are effectively investing in Aquariums. We maintain a very professional service in this area. This is what sets us apart! I have always avoided the sector where there is a lot of stuff, pet shops, as a rule, have the most dogs and cats.”

Having a small shark as her mascot, Anabela Gomes says that most of the customers who pass by have been following her for years, “since the time at the other store”, largely due to the variety of fish and the time she dedicates to them.

The variety, professionalism and care for animals is one of the added values ​​that customers appreciate most and, for that reason, they don’t mind traveling miles to buy quality.

The businesswoman’s new hobby is the incubator, breeding some species of fish. A passion that Anabela Gomes likes to maintain and see grow.