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Young people and entrepreneurs from Inovagaia build a bridge to the future

The motto was ‘Breakfast with Businesspeople’ and was given by the Gaia Youth Office and promoted by Anje, as part of the Generator program. Inovagaia did the honors at the house, welcoming more than 40 secondary school students from the municipality.

It was up to Estela Bastos, from Visual Thinking, Javier Ramirez, from Nemobile and Orlanda Barbosa, from WeCreateYou – all of them based at Inovagaia – to share their experiences, concerns and perspectives as entrepreneurs. Obviously, everything that concerns Artificial Intelligence captures the attention of young people who questioned the speakers with super interesting questions.

For Elísio Pinto, councilor for Youth,”the theme of youth entrepreneurship represents a priority for the Youth Office, whether in terms of encouragement or due protection of the act of entrepreneurship. However, there is nothing like successful entrepreneurs themselves to reveal the best paths to success.”