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Smiling Clinic

Sara Lopes is the face that welcomes all clients at Clínica Sorridente. Receive and treat. He has been a dentist for 15 years.

At this moment, the Clinic is able to sustain itself, but the manager’s objective is to increase the added value, wishing to invest in a new device that allows more efficiency in diagnostic analysis.

The businesswoman says that, in four years, she has reached close to 600 customers, but recognizes that people continue to seek to treat oral problems at the pharmacy, using medicines and, as a last resort, they seek specialty clinics. Why? “Financial issues. Right now, the biggest difficulty we have is the lack of money on the part of patients”, recognizes Sara Lopes.

GAIAFINICIA was found, by chance, on the internet. He was looking for a way of financing the equipment for the clinic (chair, autoclave and even restructuring work) and found GAIAFINICIA. In total, the company guaranteed 45 thousand euros in financing for this program, a credit that ends in 2016. “Without it, it would not be possible to have the clinic. GAIAFINICIA was so important for us because if it weren’t for him, he wouldn’t be here at this time”, guarantees Sara Lopes.