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OESE at the service of Gaia

The Observatory of Social and Economic Studies (OESE) was presented yesterday at the Corpus Christi Convent. This is a fundamental instrument for understanding the economic, business and social dynamics of the Municipality of Vila Nova de Gaia.

OESE is a project of the Research Center of ISLA-IPGT, CEPESE and INOVAGAIA, supported by an interactive portal that provides information using an updated database on the municipality and its parishes.

Providing relevant, reliable and quality information to stakeholders is the observatory’s mission.

The implementation of OESE was designed in three phases. The first, of a contextual nature, dedicated to the correct characterization of the business fabric of Vila Nova de Gaia and the contextual variables that affect organizations. In the second phase, the factors that differentiate the competitiveness of organizations operating in the municipality will be analyzed. In the latter, a set of support services will be made available to companies to support their activity.

Carrying out this project will allow us to better understand the competitive situation of organizations, their level of adjustment to organizational problems and the extent to which said problems influence their better or worse functioning. The information derived from this could allow the establishment of empirically based guidelines that lead to improved company management, especially with regard to organizational and strategic factors to be followed by different organizations.

As a guarantee of the quality, timeliness and usefulness of the services and information to be produced, OESE will have to ensure the procedures it deems appropriate for the continuous updating of the information to be generated.