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Installed fourteen years ago in Vilar do Paraíso, the company NOBRERIGOR – Contabilidade e Consultoria de Gestão, Lda., has been in existence since 2001. Graduated in Commercial Management and Accounting, this businessman has always worked in the area. “I’ve always worked in accounting, since I was 18 with my uncle, even though I haven’t graduated yet,” explained Manuel Fonte.

This is one of the companies – in the case of Accounting – that received support from GaiaFinicia. Manuel Fonte is the owner and recognizes that “this type of support is what the country needs. Support aimed at Small and Medium-sized companies, which, in reality, are the majority in Portugal”.

He found out about the program through BPI and, as he already had the space, the financing was used for the necessary works on it, acquisition of office furniture, increase in IT equipment, and for the implementation of the technological part, namely, the website that , according to the businessman, has not been the office’s main search engine. “Honestly, what it seems to me is that when people look for an accountant, they don’t go to websites. They usually seek advice from friends. The word-of-mouth concept works better”, highlights Manuel Fonte.