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Message from the President

Vila Nova de Gaia has unique characteristics, combining history and heritage – which take on particular importance due to the charm and brand of Port Wine – with a more current entrepreneurial and dynamic, innovative, collaborative, inclusive moment, but also experienced at an exponential speed . This is the motto for the current moment and for the necessary collaboration of INOVAGAIA in consolidating this entrepreneurial and dynamic spirit into something truly endogenous in our territory and differentiated.

We follow a joint strategy that aims to preserve the financial, social and environmental sustainability of the Municipality of Vila Nova de Gaia while maintaining tradition and identity. There is no economic growth without population and there is no economy without a planet, so the ability to increase the population, retain talent, have access to culture, create investment and career progression opportunities at the same time as we want to work in a sustainable city is the challenge.

It is a challenge undertaken as a country on the path to Carbon Neutrality in 2050. It is a challenge for the city of Vila Nova de Gaia. It’s a challenge that motivates today’s entrepreneurs.

This challenge can only be faced with the contribution of everyone, INOVAGAIA employees, entrepreneurs and companies residing in our ecosystem, but also all the companies and people who carry out their professional activity or live here every day, it is a goal that we do for our quality of life but also for future generations.

Vila Nova de Gaia is a city that combines a delicious and rich cultural, gastronomic and wine tradition, a history captured in its architecture, a vibrant nightlife on the banks of the Douro River, a sea coast of more than 20 km and where we can enjoy of water sports, a city with history and where we can live and create good memories. While maintaining its spirit and history, Vila Nova de Gaia has been chosen, in recent years, by many Portuguese and international companies seeking to have the best geographical conditions and qualified human resources to explore renowned global markets. The proximity to Universities, Higher Education Institutions and Research centers, at the same time as having a young and talented population, constitute a very attractive asset for those looking for places to establish new companies. Our territory is therefore a powerful tool and its greatest asset is its people. Aware of the potential, but also of the challenges, INOVAGAIA seeks to maximize its value proposition by valuing human capital, entrepreneurship, collaboration networks and the desire to intervene and be part of the solution.

INOVAGAIA seeks to focus on creating a positive impact, capable of generating confidence among our fellow citizens, those who visit us and those who invest and thus build - because the construction of a city and a society is a cyclical process - a better city .

To achieve this, we count on everyone who identifies with the growth model, with associates, entrepreneurs, companies, Municipalities and all partners to co-create more and better economic activity, more and better impact on the environment and society. The objective is to be able to belong to a kind of co-modeling of the city of the future, based on a strong commitment to entrepreneurship, innovation, qualification and the ability to relate. Thus, it will be possible to provide a response that creates an impact on the constant design of our possible future, which relies on the energy and will of everyone, functioning as a true booster of creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and economic activity.

António Miguel Castro | President Inovagaia