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Magic Forest

The quality of what we do depends to a large extent on our awareness of the direction to follow and the destination where this path will take us. Considering this perspective, Floresta Mágica defined its strategy for the next three years and we understand that it is very important to share it here with the entire educational community with regard to its essential vectors.

Our strategy has as its fundamental purpose the quantitative and qualitative growth of the institution. Quantitatively, we intend to continue to grow in size by increasing the installed physical capacity and consequent increase in the school community. Qualitatively, we want to continue to grow in the excellence and scope of the services provided, making children’s development activities a rich and multifaceted process. To translate these guidelines, we share the following strategic dimensions of Floresta Mágica:

Floresta Mágica has been based in Arcozelo for around 23 years, whose training offering includes three areas: daycare, pre-school and ATL for a universe of around 140 students. The strategy established around 6 years ago led us to create new facilities, the investment of which required a very high financial effort. The support from GaiaFinicia served to “help complement the building with equipment that we didn’t have”. Furthermore, this type of support should be expanded, thus giving the possibility to increase the infrastructure, with a new training offer, in this case the 1st cycle.