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Local accommodation under the responsibility of INOVAGAIA

Gradually, this Local Accommodation project, based in Grijó, has gained ground among its peers. With a family and welcoming nature, CoutoRural has been the chosen place for recreational activities, but also for social responsibility, attracting the public to local roots, uses and customs.

The former ‘Casa das Mestras’ put away the blackboards, notebooks and pencils, but continues to indoctrinate with diverse workshops on nutrition and, for example, communication. For 2017? Simple. “Create space in the market for events and local accommodation, with rural characteristics, both nationally and internationally; strengthen partnerships that generate quality of service, with the customer”, explained Lurdes Couto.

The promoter recalls that “the support from Inovagaia was very important in the phase of drafting the project and developing the business plan, for submission and approval by the IEFP”, as well as in the “monitoring and dissemination of CoutoRural, allowing us to reach more to different audiences, potential customers”.

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EPAT projects serve to support job creation in the most varied areas. Your project could be next. As? Look for us!

Certified by IEFP, INOVAGAIA has been working as a Technical Support Provider for some time. Question: what does an EPAT do? Simple. “It provides a set of services in terms of support for people with disabilities through services within the scope of professional rehabilitation, as well as entrepreneurship through support for the creation and consolidation of projects to create their own jobs/companies”.

EPAT’s support entrepreneurs in critical aspects, namely in structuring the project, mitigating business risks, raising sources of financing and sustainability, development and consolidation of projects.

Accounting, freight forwarding, self-service and/or traditional laundries and, among others, traditional beer, tuk-tuk and local accommodation projects have passed through INOVAGAIA’s rooms.

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