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Gaia participated in an integrated manner with Gaiurb, Águas de Gaia and Inovagaia in the QSP Summit 2023

The Municipality of Vila Nova de Gaia participated, in an integrated manner with Gaiurb, Águas de Gaia and Inovagaia, in the QSP Summit 2023, one of the largest Management and Marketing events in Europe, whose motto was the future of leadership – “Shaping The Future Leadership”. This 16th edition of the European summit brought together at Exponor, between the 27th and 29th of June, around 3,200 participants, 128 exhibitors and 70 specialist speakers in the areas of management and marketing.

At an interactive stand, Gaia presented its activities and ongoing projects and invited visitors to leave, online, ideas about “How to Live the City”, sharing their perspective in order to improve the municipality.</u >

The Municipality revealed its vision for the territory, with projects such as the Living Lab – which is testing, in Afurada, a renewable energy management and storage system –, promoting experimentation that fuels our future and quality of life , the focus on entrepreneurship, which actively empowers the municipality and its population, or the design of water, not only as an asset to be preserved, but also as a source of energy.

Inovagaia took advantage of the event to present four companies located at the Technological Center, namely Enartin, Visual Thinking, Medsky and Nemobile.

The opening ceremony of the QSP Summit took place on June 27th, at Teatro Rivoli, in Porto, where John Bercow, former politician and Speaker of the House of Commons of the United Kingdom, shared his vision on “Leading by Example”.

The event was attended by the Secretary of State for Tourism, Commerce and Services, Nuno Fazenda, who welcomed the “mobilization achieved” by the event and highlighted that, currently, “we have a positive, trustworthy Portugal, increasingly a leader in action and a strong brand in international tourism.”

Over three consecutive days, the event included dozens of lectures with experts in the areas of management and marketing, knowledge sharing sessions, networking opportunities and brand activations and with many guests. Speakers included Gary Hamel (professor at London Business School), one of the world’s leading management experts, David Shing (digital prophet), Frederik Pferdt (Stanford University), Marian Salzman, global vice president of communications at Philip Morris International, Helen Edwards, writer, consultant and associate professor of marketing at the London Business School or Elizabeth van Geerestein (partner at Papillon & partners and vice-president of the leadership Pipeline Institute).