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The genesis of the ENC group dates back to 2003, the year in which the company ENC – Consultadoria e Serviços de Energia, Lda., was founded by a group of entrepreneurs with basic engineering training, with strong and recognized skills in the energy area.
Oriented towards providing renewable energy solutions and services within the scope of energy efficiency, ENC specializes in the biogas segment, a business area that constitutes its core business. The group’s sustained growth included the creation of new business units and entry into new markets.
“Our growth path and the increase in the number of human resources led us to the need to look for a headquarters with a privileged location that would allow, on the one hand, flexibility in terms of space for rapid adaptation to our development, and, on the other hand, on the other, access to an infrastructure with the shared services we wanted”, as stated by Jorge Matos, CEO of ENC.
And he also stated: “At INOVAGAIA we found the conditions we were looking for so that our team could grow in a sustainable way and promote new business.”
The internationalization process for the Brazilian market, which began in 2011, was a fundamental step that allowed the group to increase its competitiveness, in particular the Biogas & Water. Market dynamics led to a related diversification strategy, which materialized in the creation of the Heat & Power and Waste Valorization, consolidating the position of technologist in the environment area and contributing to sustainable development.
Our management challenges include, among others, maintaining a strong culture of innovation that guarantees the provision of quality services, trying to overcome the typical difficulties experienced by SMEs in an increasingly dynamic context.

Jorge Matos