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Dermovet Pharma

Rui Rodrigues is the face of a brand that was born at INOVAGAIA. It’s called Dermovet Pharma and it’s a company whose main objective is to incorporate new substances into its formulations, which effectively respond to the demands of veterinarians in their clinical practice.

What distinguishes it from similar ones? Research and the number of products. There are few, but they are the result of months of research and tests that prove the efficiency of these dermatological veterinary products.

According to the person responsible for Dermovet Pharma, there are currently three products on the market: CICAVET – healing treatment for wounds and skin ulcerations. TAGUYFUR CP – Shampoo supporting treatments and TAGUYFUR FS – Veterinary shampoo. However, they are considering opening the range of products to ‘white’ brands that could later be sold, for example, in large supermarkets. For now, they are exclusive to Veterinary Clinics.

Rui Rodrigues proudly reveals that the investment the company makes in innovation, research and product certification are Dermovet’s greatest differentiation. There could be more articles, but don’t risk it. “Only the best” and, to be the best, many tests are needed to certify it.

Dermovet Pharma was one of the first companies to receive support from GaiaFinicia, which essentially served as a launching pad for its first product, TAGUYFUR.

Rui Rodrigues

Managing Partner