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CASES – SouMais National Microcredit Program
National Microcredit Program that facilitates access to credit through small-amount financing.

    SOU MAIS – National Microcredit Program (PNM) is a measure that consists of supporting business creation projects, promoted not only by unemployed people, but also by micro-entities and cooperatives of up to 10 workers, who present viable projects with net job creation.
    This instrument is based on facilitating access to credit, through the MICROINVEST typology (for projects with small investment and financing – up to €20,000), and providing technical support for the creation and consolidation of projects.
    Count on us to make your project a reality!
    Inovagaia was accredited as a partner entity of the António Sérgio Cooperative for Social Entrepreneurship (CASES), so that projects presented by promoters for validation by CASES benefit from technical support for their creation and consolidation.