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APP gives new impetus to Local Commerce in Gaia

CTT and Inovagaia, in conjunction with Vila Nova de Gaia City Council, established a partnership for the APP CTT Comércio Local, a digital service that facilitates the online presence of local traders and small producers.

The CTT Comércio Local service is an innovative offer that allows local producers and small traders, who traditionally only have physical sales activities, to have an electronic platform where they can sell their products, generating e-commerce business. In this way, it allows local traders to display and sell their products online, and for residents to make their purchases from the safety of their home. In Vila Nova de Gaia, this solution is implemented through Inovagaia which, in conjunction with the City Council, makes the application available free of charge to local businesses.

This service helps to promote the sustainability of the national business fabric, in line with CTT’s commitment to innovative digital products and services for the different needs of all customers, from individuals to large companies, including small traders and local producers. With this investment, CTT reinforces its mission of supporting the digital transition of these companies and producers who, otherwise, would hardly have access to an online platform to sell their products.

If you are a trader, you cannot miss this opportunity. For more information, send us an email to, or by phone 227 334 140.