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Alfa Tube

ALFATUBO, LDA, headquartered in Serzedo – V. N. Gaia, was founded in 1989 by 2 brothers – managing partners, entirely from national capital.

It began working in 1992 in the area of ​​Plastic Pipes and Accessories. It is currently an undisputed reference, as it is based on a Quality Policy based on the commitment to Innovation, Continuous Improvement, Leadership and commitment to the Training and Motivation of its Employees.

Provides efficient solutions for Distribution of Drinking Water, Natural Gas, Wastewater, Sanitary Installations, Central Heating of buildings, Geothermal, Cable Protection, Telemetry and Agriculture.

ALFATUBO has a wide range of products certified by certification bodies in several European countries, CERTIF (Portugal), AENOR (Spain), LNE (France).

For ALFATUBO, people are one of the fundamental pillars of its success. The creation of value and the promotion of continuous and sustained growth fundamentally depends on its competent and motivated human resources, providing permanent training to Employees, and also collaborating with external entities, namely local schools and universities, opening its doors to professional internships and direct contact with the world of work.

The current objectives are to expand its area of ​​influence to the entire national territory and to foreign markets through the implementation of an investment program in the municipality of V. N. Gaia, with a view to strengthening its competitiveness, increasing and improving production capacity and logistics, thus allowing the maintenance of existing jobs and opening doors to the recruitment of new Employees.

Manuel Nunes and Fernando Leite