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Environmental Fund launches new 30 million euro program to support more Sustainable Buildings

The Support Program for More Sustainable Buildings is back and has 30 million euros to support anyone who wants to carry out work or buy equipment to improve energy efficiency at home.

This is a support measure that allows the consumer to be partially reimbursed, for example, for replacing windows with more efficient ones, energy class A+, or for installing air conditioning or water heating systems based on renewable energy sources. At this stage of the program, a budget of 30 million euros is available. The deadline for submitting applications opens on August 16th and ends on October 31st, or when the budget is exhausted.

The new stage of the program brings some new features, namely an increase in the maximum value for installing windows, which is now 2000 euros, or the criteria for increasing the maximum reimbursement limits.

The More Sustainable Buildings Support Program intervenes in five main areas: rehabilitation, decarbonization, energy efficiency, water efficiency and the circular economy in buildings. The consumer is reimbursed for part of the amount they have invested in improving the energy efficiency of their home, as long as it is guaranteed that the equipment and materials involved in the investment comply with energy efficiency requirements. The objective, says the Environmental Fund, is that the support granted can contribute to at least a 30% reduction in primary energy consumption in the intervened buildings.

What equipment and works can receive support?

– Replacement of non-efficient windows with efficient windows, with an energy class equal to “A+”.

– Application or replacement of thermal insulation on roofs, walls or floors, using natural-based materials (ecomaterials), which incorporate recycled materials.

– Roofs and/or floors using natural-based insulation (ecomaterials) or that incorporate recycled materials or roofs and/or floors using insulation from other materials.

– Walls with natural-based insulation (ecomaterials) or that incorporate recycled materials, and walls using insulation from other materials.

– Space heating and/or cooling and/or domestic hot water (DHW) systems, which use renewable energy, of energy class “A+” or higher, namely: heat pumps; solar thermal systems; and biomass boilers and recuperators.

– Installation of photovoltaic systems or other renewable energy source equipment for the production of electrical energy for self-consumption.

– Interventions aimed at improving water efficiency: replacing water use devices in homes with more efficient ones and/or installing solutions that allow intelligent monitoring and control of water consumption; and installation of rainwater harvesting systems.

Who can apply?

Individuals who own permanent housing throughout the national territory (Mainland, Madeira and Azores) can apply, namely single-family residential buildings (houses) and autonomous units in multi-family buildings (apartments) licensed for housing until December 31st 2006.

Support only covers permanent residence homes. If you live in a rented house or are a landlord, you will not be able to apply, as you are either not the owner or the house is not your permanent residence. Second homes are also not covered.

How much support can I receive?

The works and equipment covered by the program have a reimbursement rate of 85%, with the exception of works on roofs, floors and walls that use materials other than ecomaterials. These have a co-payment rate of just 65 percent.

Each beneficiary can only receive a total support of 7500 euros per single-family building or autonomous fraction. If you intend to receive support equal to or greater than 5000 euros, you must present the energy certificate of the property involved, before and after carrying out the work. The program allows you to access a maximum amount of 125 euros to request this certificate.

If you have already benefited from support in another phase of this program, the amount you previously benefited from will be deducted from the 7500 euros maximum support limit. For example, if you previously received 2500 euros of support, in this new phase you will only be able to receive a maximum of 5000 euros.

Although applications are not yet open, you can start gathering the necessary documents to apply for support. Firstly, make sure you have no debts to the Tax Authorities or Social Security. You will need proof that your situation is regularized in order to move forward with the process.

The platform for making applications is not yet available on the Environmental Fund website. However, it is expected to go online on August 16th, the start date of the new phase of the program.

Until then, make sure your equipment choices, materials and installer selection meet program standards and gather all necessary invoices. Be particularly careful and demanding with installers regarding the documents required for the application, as without them the risk of the application not being accepted increases.

If you want more information, visit the website Sustainable Buildings Support Program.