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Amazon´s startups visited INOVAGAIA

Members of Btracer and GETTER startups have been getting to know the national business ecosystem in recent weeks. The two Brazilian companies were selected through the SOFTEX program in partnership with uGlobally, called Amazônia+ Global, in which they won a one-month trip to Portugal, enhancing the development of a global mindset and international opportunities.

After having been to the south and center, they headed north, passing through INOVAGAIA. In addition to visiting our facilities, they met with Luís Santos who gave a brief presentation and exemplified INOVAGAIA‘s work, providing valuable input for the successful entry of these startups into our country.

More information:

Softex – main promoter of public policies for the technology and innovation ecosystem, responsible for creating and executing actions and initiatives linked to education and entrepreneurship, with national and international coverage.

Btracer – works with family farmer food traceability and access to rural insurance. Through the Btracer platform, a combination of WEB platform + Application + Analytics + Big Data + Blockchain, the industry will be able to guarantee the authenticity and immutability of accurate information about products such as: origin, manufacturer data, validity, characteristics of a given product , between others. This brings transparency to the process, reduces fraud and generates savings in controls. And all of this at very low cost thanks to blockchain technology.

GETTER – innovative and disruptive startup that focuses on developing innovative products and services using advanced lean manufacturing and world class manufacturing techniques, managing to reduce waste, enhance industrial plants in measurement, control production quality, increase productivity and sustainable development in industry. They use innovative technologies such as 5G, cloud computing, AI, IoT and computer vision.